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NZOZ Meditest has well equipped molecular-genetics laboratory to perform high quality laboratory analysis. The company owns modern molecular assay equipment, supplied by world leading companies in biotechnology field. Due to high-tech solutions we can offer wide range of diagnostic tests taking the advantage of the latest conquests of science.



  • automatic nucleic acids extraction based on magnetic silica beads (NucliSens easyMAG system, Biomerieux)
  • DNA microarrays technique (PapilloCheck system, Greiner Bio-One)
  • automatic sequencing and DNA sequence analysis (ABI 310, Applied Biosystems)
  • real-time NASBA ((NucliSens EasyQ, Biomerieux)
  • real-time PCR (LightCycler 2.0., Roche)
  • standard PCR (T-personal, Biometra)
  • other up-to-date molecular-genetic techniques(LAMP, one step RT-PCR, SimpleProbes, DotBlotting, SNP)
  • bioinformatics tools.




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